Chiropractic Massage: A Dynamic Approach to Wellness

by Laurie Luker, D.C.

You’re injured. Is it a strained muscle or a spinal misalignment? Could it be both?

A chiropractor may suggest follow-up massage, while a massage therapist might recommend a visit to the chiropractor. A better approach may be Chiropractic Massage.

What is Chiropractic Massage? As a Doctor of Chiropractic for over twenty years and a trained massage therapist, I began combining both skills many years ago in my practice. Using Chiropractic Massage, I slowly and gently work through each area of the body, massaging and palpating to find hidden problems. Spinal misalignments can be treated with gentle manipulation. If the discomfort is caused by soft-tissue (muscle) problems or injuries, one of several massage techniques can be used to address and treat it. Chiropractic Massage is the only process that can diagnose and treat both at the same time in a holistic, safe and non-invasive manner.

More importantly, if misalignments are adjusted without addressing soft-tissue problems, patients may continue to experience pain. Massage helps increase blood circulation, providing life-giving oxygen to muscles while removing toxins and lactic acid. This, in turn, helps relieve the muscle spasms that often create misalignment. With muscles working cooperatively with joints, patients often experience increased range of motion.

Patients who opt for Chiropractic Massage usually retain adjustments longer than with just chiropractic treatment alone, requiring fewer follow-up visits.

Chiropractic Massage is also an excellent way to address and resolve issues associated with traumatic injury, overuse and stress, common challenges for those suffering from sports injuries. Without proper and immediate treatment, Plantar Fascitis, Illio-Tibial syndrome, torn muscles and Runner’s Knee can leave athletes inactive for weeks or months. Chiropractic Massage has successfully treated runners, triathletes and ballet dancers for these and other injuries associated with an athletic lifestyle.

Because of its holistic, non-invasive approach, Chiropractic Massage is especially beneficial for older adults and those with physical challenges.

Everyone deserves optimal health and a variety of practical methods to achieve and maintain it. Consider adding Chiropractic Massage to your toolkit! 

To find out more information about Chiropractic Massage, visit Dr. Luker’s website at or call her at Ph: (831) 462-0899.

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