“I have had back issues for years and had been to several chiropractors. What I like most about Dr. Luker is her gentle adjustment method and how she integrates massage into the treatment. Her approach has kept me mobile and pain free.”

Jeri Parish 


“I am not sure how I would get though a season without Laurie. Between her gentle chiropractic technique
and therapeutic massage, I can now do all the things that I love to do, without pain.”

Dave Sweeney, triathlete


“Laurie Luker’s work has greatly benefited our dancers’ health and improved their performance!”

Diane Cypher, Co-Artistic Director, Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre


“I began regularly scheduled appointments with Laurie Luker five years ago for preventative maintenance to aid in the aging process. Her excellent chiropractic treatment and massage have improved my flexibility and relieved body aches due to playing golf. I feel confident with her wealth of knowledge and comfortable with her easygoing manner.”

Ruth Albertson, golfer 


“As a ballet dancer, recovering quickly from injuries is important. When a muscle strain was preventing me from dancing, my artistic director suggested I see Dr. Luker. I am so grateful for that recommendation. She immediately found the source of the pain and quickly helped me to regain the ability to get through an entire ballet class without experiencing any discomfort. She is truly amazing.”

Hayley Blackman, ballet dancer

“I have used Dr. Luker’s services for the past seven years. Chiropractic Massage has helped me with everything from preventive care to treatment of severe muscle spasms and spine misalignments.”

Chad Dvorak, Assistant Track Coach, Salinas High School


"I have been a client of Laurie Luker's for more than 7 years.  Laurie is well educated in her field and is a true healing professional.  Laurie is out of network for my group medical, but I cheerfully pay out of pocket because she is so good.  I firmly believe in preventative health care.  At my last, very high stressed and understaffed job, my fellow co- workers were suffering work related injuries and I made it through due to the high quality chiropractic care I received with Laurie.  What can I say, she is the best."

Maryjane Slade


"I have been a patient of Dr. Laurie Luker for over ten years.  When I found Laurie–she was a Godsend!  She has helped me tremendously over the years.  She know every bone and muscle of the body.  Unlike many chiropractors, Laurie is also a tremendous healer.  She always prepares your body with a massage prior to any gentle adjustment.  Her practice is located in a serene, quiet environment.  Laurie is VERY knowledgable when it comes to chiropractor care and her attention to detail is amazing.  I don't have to tell Laurie where my body aches–she finds the spots just by touch!  She zeroes in on the hurt area–which saves my energy from telling her where to direct her hands.  When I leave her office, I have been rejuvinated and feeling great!  She's a rare gem!"

Derek Wolf


Dear Dr. Luker,

For the last 13 years, your chiropractic/massage therapy treatments have been a key part of my wellness program. As I got older, my back/neck injuries from my younger days caused increasing pain and leg problems.  My monthly treatments with you help me stay active and relatively pain free.  I wish I could take you with me when I travel! 
Thank you for your caring treatments in a restful setting,

Barbara (74 years young)


Dr. Laurie Luker has been my valued Chiropractor and masseuse for over 14 years.  She has excellent assessment skills and is always able to give me the right treatment with recommendations for follow-up exercises and self-treatment at home. 

I especially like her method of massage  to loosen my aching muscles thereby enabling my body to better respond to her Chiropractic maneuvers. Her demeanor and personality I find very soothing.

Dr. Luker is a real gift.

Judith Rohrbaugh



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